Planning and Design

The planning group has a wide array of responsibilities which include, but are not limited to:

  • Oversight, development, and collaboration of system plans, multimodal networks, and implementation
  • Development of conceptual design of transportation facilities
  • Collection and analyzation of data on the condition and use of the mobility system
  • Coordination with county and regional organizations / entities as a means to plan transportation infrastructure improvements
  • Serving as the initial point of contact for public stakeholders and partners for general mobility concerns / initiatives
  • Tracking the development of the regional Transportation Improve Program (TIP)
  • Development of the department's submission to the city's Capital Improvement Plan
  • Pursuit of grants and other resources as a means to support implementation of the transportation program


Development Review
DOMI is an active part of the development review process, and provides review of Transportation Impact Studies (TIS) as part of the development approval process. For more information about development review, please visit the Zoning Division of the Department of City Planning.