Policies and Standards

The following table lists DOMI’s current policies and standards organized by general topic. You can find a policy by browsing the table below or by using the search function. For example, if you wanted to find the City’s curb cut standards you could search for curbcutdrivewayramp, or standard, among other terms.

Frequently used City Standards of Construction detail drawings, including roadway, sidewalk, curb, curb ramps, and tree pits, have been made accessible in Appendix B of the 2017 Right-of-Way Manual. These 2017 Standards can also be accessed here.

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We continue to create and revise our policies and standards, and we will be adding to this list in the coming months. Please check back regularly for updates.


Topic Policies and Standards Tags

Accessible Design

Policy – Residential On-Street Parking for People with Disabilities (02 05 2020)

Application Packet – Residential On-Street Parking for People with Disabilities (02 03 2020)

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

One Step Program

ADA, Disability

Autonomous Vehicles

Pittsburgh Principles for Autonomous Vehicles (03 2019)  


Pittsburgh Bicycle Parking Guidelines (11-29-23) (pdf)  

Complete Streets

Complete Streets Policy (11 22 2016) Bike, Cycling, Pedestrian, Shared, Multimodal


Right-of-Way Procedures Manual (05 16 2023) (pdf)


Construction Details (05 16 2023) (pdf)

4201-0001 Clearing and Grubbing, Modified Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

4901-0001 Minor Maintenance and Protection of Traffic during Construction, Modified Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

4901-0002 Major Maintenance and Protection of Traffic during Construction, Modified Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

4802-0003 Topsoil Furnished and Placed, Modified Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

9000-0006 Setting or Resetting Survey Monuments Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

Brush, Closure, Disposal, Fences, Flaggers, Grade, Junk,

Objectionable, Organic Material,

MUTCD, Permit, Plan, Public Works, Roller, Rubbish, Salvage,

Spreading, Stockpiling, Traffic Control, Utility Coordination, Vegetation


In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Sign Warrants (01 28 2008) (pdf)

Mid-Block Crosswalk Warrants (12 10 2007) (pdf)

Pedestrian, Disability, Accessible


Curb Cut Specification for Off Street Parking (pdf)

Curb Cut Permit Fillable Checklist (08 06 2020) (pdf)

9000-0001 Concrete Deep Curb Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

9000-0002 Concrete Deep Radius Curb Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

9000-0003 Cement Concrete Curb Ramp Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

4695-0004 Detectable Warning Surface, Modified Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

Curb Paint Application (pdf)

Accessible, ADA, Caulking, Construction, Depressed, Driveway, Filler, Flare, Garage,

Joint, Ramp, Tactile, Truncated, Underdrain

Electric Vehicle Charging


EV, Right of way

Loading Zone

Loading Zone Application (pdf)

Smart Loading Zone Policy (pdf)



Guidance for Powered Micromobility Device Use in the City of Pittsburgh (#20-0001) (06 05 2020) (pdf) Hoverboard, PMD, Scooter, Segway, Skate

Public Transit

Guidelines for the Temporary Relocation or Removal of Bus Stops for Construction Activities (02 20 2019) (pdf)  


Sidewalk Maintenance (Code of Ordinances § 417.02)

4676-0001 Concrete Sidewalk, 4", Modified Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

4676-0002 Concrete Sidewalk, 6", Modified Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

9000-0007 Concrete Knee Wall / Curb Cheek Wall Specifications (08 25 2020) pdf)

Accessible, Aggregate, Caulking, Construction, Depressed,

Filler, Joint, Pedestrian, Underdrain


Multi-Way Stop Sign Warrants (01 03 2008) (pdf)

"Watch Children" Sign Warrants (01 28 2008) (pdf)



9000-0004 Weighted Sediment Filter Tube Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf) Bags, Construction, Control, Erosion, Inlets

Street Trees

Planting Application & Street Tree Removal


PL-200 Street Tree Standard Detail (pdf)


Procedures for Reimbursement for Sidewalk Damage Resulting from City Tree Roots (pdf)


9000-0005 Tree Pit Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

Aggregate, Ball, Box, Construction, Forestry, Planting


Neighborhood Slow Streets Guidelines (05 19 2020) (pdf)

Guidelines for Street Modifications for Outdoor Operations (06 10 2020) (pdf)

4501-0200 Reinforced Cement Concrete Pavement, 8" Depth, Modified Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

4501-0202 Reinforced Cement Concrete Pavement, 10" Depth, Modified Specifications (08 25 2020) (pdf)

Accelerated, Closure, Construction, COVID, High Early, Social Distancing, Strength

Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming Program Bollard, Neighborhood, Signs, Slow, Speed Hump, Speed Bump, Traffic Circle