Policies and Standards

The following table lists DOMI’s current policies and standards organized by general topic. You can find a policy by browsing the table below or by using the search function. For example, if you wanted to find the City’s curb cut standards you could search for curbcutdrivewayramp, or standard, among other terms.

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We continue to create and revise our policies and standards, and we will be adding to this list in the coming months. Please check back regularly for updates.


Topic Policies and Standards Tags

Accessible Design

Policy – Residential On-Street Parking for People with Disabilities (02 05 2020)
Application Packet – Residential On-Street Parking for People with Disabilities (02 03 2020)
2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design
One Step Program
ADA, Disability

Autonomous Vehicles

Pittsburgh Principles for Autonomous Vehicles (03 2019)  


Pittsburgh Bicycle Parking Guidelines (06 03 2015) (pdf)  

Complete Streets

Complete Streets Policy (11 22 2016) Bike, Cycling, Pedestrian, Shared, Multimodal


In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Sign Warrants (01 28 2008) (pdf)
Mid-Block Crosswalk Warrants (12 10 2007) (pdf)
Pedestrian, Disability, Accessible

Curb Cuts

Curb Cut Specifications for Off Street Parking (08 06 2020) (pdf)
Curb Cut Checklist Fillable Form (08 06 2020) (pdf)
Driveway, Flare, Ramp

Public Transit

Guidelines for the Temporary Relocation or Removal of Bus Stops for Construction Activities (02 20 2019) (pdf)  


Right-of-Way Procedures Manual (06 01 2017) (pdf)  


Sidewalk Maintenance (Code of Ordinances § 417.02)  


Multi-Way Stop Sign Warrants (01 03 2008) (pdf)
"Watch Children" Sign Warrants (01 28 2008) (pdf)

Street Trees

Planting Application & Street Tree Removal
Procedures for Reimbursement for Sidewalk Damage Resulting from City Tree Roots (pdf)


Street Vacation Application (03 2019) (pdf)  

Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming Program Bollard, Traffic Circle, Speed Hump, Speed Bump, Neighborhood