Right-of-Way Procedures Manual

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) has finalized and published an update to the Right-of-Way Procedures Manual. This revised document supersedes the previous iteration, which was released June 1, 2017.


Right-of-Way Procedures Manual Updates

Date Document
9.28.2022 Update

The primary objectives of the Right-of-Way Procedures Manual are to:

  • Ensure safety for all users of the public right-of-way;
  • Detail the DOMI permit structure, requirements, procedures, standards, and methods, and outline permittee responsibilities; and
  • Communicate established specifications, standards, fees, and time constraints for right-of-way activities.

The 2022 update includes changes and clarifications to requirements that must be followed for work performed in the public right-of-way, including street, curb, and sidewalk restoration; traffic control (including pedestrian and cyclist routing); coordination and notice to affected parties; street moratorium criteria; and many others. The update also references new procedures following the launch of OneStopPGH and DOMI’s Rules and Regulations Guiding Permits, Licenses, and Plan Reviews.

This update is the result of staff revisions developed in 2020, followed by virtual meetings and an opportunity for public input in January and February 2021. Links to the past versions are below.
The 2017 Right-of-Way Procedures Manual can be found here.
The draft 2021 Right-of-Way Procedures Manual, which had been available for comment, can be found here.

A Compendium of Changes between the draft and final 2022 Right-of-Way Procedures Manual has been compiled. A link to the Compendium can be found here
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