Rules and Regulations

DOMI is pleased to present our final Rules and Regulations Guiding Permits, Licenses, and Plan Reviews. This document is the result of a lengthy process to modernize and standardize our business practices in anticipation of moving our right-of-way permits, licenses, and plan reviews to the City’s new OneStopPGH system. Within the Rules and Regulations you will find references to the Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances (as revised by ordinance 2019-2291 on December 16, 2019) and DOMI's ROW Fee Schedule..


You can find the final Rules and Regulations at:

DOMI Rules and Regulations (PDF)


For detailed information about each permit, license, and plan review type, please visit


To assist utility providers in determining the cost of permit fees for capital projects, DOMI has created a Capital Project Fee Calculator to provide estimates of cost. The calculator is provided only as an estimate of permit and is only applicable for work over 300 linear feet.

Capital Project Fee Calculator (EXCEL)


The final Rules and Regulations document reflects feedback that DOMI received on the draft version published on February 10, 2020. The published draft and an outline of the main revisions to the draft can be found here: 

DRAFT DOMI Rules and Regulations (PDF) 

Outline of Revisions to February 10th Draft of the Rules and Regulations (PDF)


If you have any questions about any of these resources, please send them to: 


You may also submit questions by mail to: 

Angela Martinez 
Senior ROW Manager 
Department of Mobility and Infrastructure 
611 Second Avenue 
Pittsburgh PA 15219 


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