Rules and Regulations

Open for Questions until March 8, 2020


DOMI is pleased to present our new draft Rules and Regulations Guiding Permits, Licenses, and Plan Reviews. This document is the result of a lengthy process to modernize and standardize our business practices in anticipation of moving our right-of-way permits, licenses, and plan reviews to the City’s new OneStopPGH system. Within the Rules and Regulations you will find references to the Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances (as revised by ordinance 2019-2291 on December 16, 2019) and the Fee Schedule for 2020 adopted by City Council on December 23, 2019. The draft Rules and Regulations and the 2020 ROW Fee Schedule are linked here:


DOMI Rules and Regulations (PDF)

2020 ROW Fee Schedule (PDF)


We hope that you will take some time to look through these documents and invite you to send us any questions you may have before March 8, 2020. DOMI then will review all questions and clarify the Rules and Regulations as needed.


We hope to hear from you on how we can improve our business practices. 


Please send your questions to:


You may also submit questions by letter to:

Angela Martinez
Senior ROW Manager
Department of Mobility and Infrastructure
611 Second Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15219

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