Sidewalk Café License

ATTENTION: Additional guidelines for sidewalk cafés in response to COVID-19 are forthcoming. Please check back periodically for updates. Sidewalk Café License renewals for 2020 will be sent to license holders. DOMI will contact people directly if additional information is needed for processing. If you have any questions, please email


Restaurants that apply for and receive a Sidewalk Café License are permitted to serve food and beverages to their customers at tables placed on the public sidewalk directly abutting the establishment. Licenses are good for one calendar year and are renewable annually upon approval by DOMI. 


A sidewalk café contains readily removable tables and chairs, is enclosed by rope and stanchion (unless some other barrier system is approved by the City as an architectural design element), and shall be otherwise open to the air. The sidewalk café must be designed to allow the public sidewalk to remain ADA-compliant. 


To learn more about sidewalk café specifications, please review Pittsburgh’s Municipal Code  

§ 416.18 – 416.23. For additional information on Sidewalk Café Licenses, see the following documents: 



Please see the new 2020 Fee Schedule for updates to the cost of the Sidewalk Café License. To apply for a Sidewalk Café License, please download and complete the application found at and email for further direction.



Please check here for the latest alerts on the COVID-19 virus.