SRTS Safety Week

2024 Safety Visit

The SRTS team visited the following schools: Propel North Side, Pittsburgh Langley and Pittsburgh Sterrett to engage students during Safety Week.

SRTS partnered with PennDOT and BikePGH for Safety Week, visiting school classrooms to share safety tips on pedestrian, bicycle and school bus safety. Safety Week was held the second week in March.

Pittsburgh Langley & Pittsburgh Sterrett

Propel North Side

2023 Safe Routes to School Safety Week

The Safe Routes to School team along with their partners: BikePGH, CHP Injury Prevention Team, PennDOT and Crossing Guard, Donna McManus visited Propel Hazelwood K-5, Pittsburgh Roosevelt, Pittsburgh Sterrett, Pittsburgh Arlington, and Pittsburgh Sunnyside classrooms for SRTS Safety Week.

We shared safety tips with the students on bike safety, traffic safety, pedestrian safety, and school bus safety. Students learned the importance of wearing a bike helmet, crossing the street, catching a school bus and how to identify bike routes on a map. Safety Week was held March 13th -17th.

Contact the SRTS team via email if you would like your elementary or middle school to receive a safety visit.

2022 Safe Routes to School Safety Week

The Safe Routes to Schools Team along with their partners will visit up to 6 schools K-8 for SRTS Safety Week.

Sign up your school to participate in SRTS Safety Week. Contact us via the online form below or by email before February 17th. SRTS Safety Week will take place the week of March 13th thru 17th.

How did you participate in SRTS Safety Week? Did you participate on-line or did the SRTS Team visit your school with a safety activity? Thank you to our partners BikePGH and PennDOT for sharing their safety knowledge with students at Pittsburgh Arsenal, Pittsburgh Faison and Pittsburgh King. If you would like the SRTS Safety Team to visit your school, please email us below

March 14th -18th was Safe Routes to School Safety Week in the City of Pittsburgh. SRTS Program Coordinator, Harriet Jackson visited several City of Pittsburgh schools with partners BikePGH and PennDOT to engage students at Pittsburgh King on the North Side, Pittsburgh Arsenal in Lawrenceville and Pittsburgh Faison in Homewood. They shared safety tips on the importance of staying safe while walking, bicycling and riding a school bus. For more information on Safe Routes to School visit the webpage at Safe Routes to School |


Picture #1: Students at Pittsburgh King raise their hands to answer safety tip question for a chance to spin the SRTS Safety Wheel.

Picture #2: Students at Pittsburgh Arsenal were taught how to check their bikes using the ABCs of basic pre-ride bike check. Ted of BikePGH is teaching a student how to fix a flat.

Picture #3: Students at Pittsburgh Faison are showing how to use their bicycle signal when making a left turn.


Picture #4: Mr. Ted at BikePGH teaches students at Pittsburgh Arsenal how to properly fit a bike helmet.

Picture #5: Students at Pittsburgh Arsenal are learning how to identify bike routes on their map by Mr. Ted at BikePGH.

Picture #6: A student at Pittsburgh King answered the safety question correctly and was able to spin the SRTS Safety Wheel for a prize.


Picture #7: Ms. Yasmeen from PennDOT teaches students the importance of bike safety at Pittsburgh Faison.

Picture #8: The SRTS Safety Wheel and some great giveaways!!!

Picture #9: Students at Pittsburgh Faison learn the importance of staying safe while walking to and from school from Ms. Yasmeen at PennDOT.