Street Opening Permits

Street Opening Permits

How to Obtain a Street Opening Permit:

  1. Applicant obtains a Street Opening Permit at the Department of Mobility & Infrastructure (DOMI) Permit Counter, located at 611 Second Avenue.
    • Right of Way Procedures Manual
    • Permit requirements include:
      • Company name
      • Company address
      • Company phone number
      • Worksite address
      • Brief description of work to be performed along with construction plans or drawings.
  2. A Traffic obstruction permit is required for a street opening permit. 
  • Contractor or utility company presents a street opening bond and a check for the permit fee at the time of application submittal. Bond must remain in effect for two years.
  • Street opening permits, issued for digging in city streets, require an insurance bond of $10,000 per street opening in asphalt streets, or $20,000 per street opening in concrete streets.
  • A blanket bond of $75,000, good for multiple openings in a given year, may be submitted as well. This bond must remain in effect for two years.
  • A street opening bond must be presented when applying for a permit. 

      3. DOMI reviews the application and, if approved, issues a street opening permit.

In the Know:

  • Permits cover a fourteen (14) day working period and a thirty (30) day restoration period.
  • Separate permit fees are based upon the size of the excavation and any barricades or scaffolding proposed.

DOMI Permits Office
611 Second Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 255-2370
Fax: (412) 255-2728