2024 Pittsburgh Paving Program

The City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure is excited to announce the 2023 Paving Season. Street resurfacing work is scheduled all over the City, so please see the resurfacing schedule webpage to find upcoming work in your neighborhood.


How is the yearly paving list created?

Criteria for Street Selection

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) works with community groups, council members, and 311 to identify potential issues in the right-of-way regarding street surface conditions. DOMI's staff and engineers create a yearly list based of off the following criteria:

  1. Street Overall Condition Index (OCI) - Every street in Pittsburgh has an OCI score based upon the physical condition. Once the condition of the street deteriorates past a certain threshold it is given additional priority on the yearly paving list.
  2. Street Use - Streets are broken into three categories: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Primary roads receive the most use, which results in their OCI score dropping more quickly than Secondary or Tertiary.
  3. Equity - We apply this metric to the paving list to ensure that tax dollars are applied in a fair and impartial way so that streets in neighborhoods with a higher need receive an increase in their OCI score.

How do I report a street or road related issue?

To request service or ask a question regarding paving in your area please proceed to the 311 Response Center and fill out the online form. Please provide the location, select the service type Roads/Street Issues, and provide a brief description of the issue you've identified or the question you have. 

To contact by phone in the City of Pittsburgh, dial 3-1-1. Outside of Pittsburgh, call 412-255-2621. All calls to 311 are answered by a live operator from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

2024 Paving Rotation Schedule per Council Districts:

  • Council District 1: April 15th
  • Council District 9: May 5th
  • Council District 7: May 20th 
  • Council District 8: June 3rd 
  • Council District 5: June 10th 
  • Council District 4: July 8th 
  • Council District 3: July 22nd 
  • Council District 2: August 12th 
  • Council District 6: August 26th

5 Year Paving Map

This map contains all roads repaved in the City of Pittsburgh between 2019 to 2023.