2019 Pittsburgh Paving Program

The 2019 Capital Budget dedicated over $20 million to street rehabilitation with over $15 million of that amount dedicated to asphalt resurfacing. The balance will rehabilitate numerous brick, blockstone, and concrete streets; improve curb ramps for accessibility; replace and enhance pavement markings; and purchase pothole patching materials.


Reading the Paving List

Each entry on the list includes the name of the street that will be resurfaced as well as two cross streets. These cross streets indicate the boundaries of the resurfacing work. For example when the list reads:

S 20th St
Harcum Way to E Carson St

This indicates that resurfacing work will occur within the section of South 20th Street between Harcum Street and East Carson Street:

Example of a paving segment


The Paving List

The first round of streets included this year are listed below, organized by Council District. The paving list is also available as an interactive map and as a PDF document for download below. Please be aware that changes and additions will be made to this list throughout the season, and you should check back here for the most recent information.

The streets are organized by council district, if you are unsure of your council district you can check using this map:

Council Districts and Wards Map (PDF)


Beckham St
Leonora St to Gass Ave

Brighton Rd
Shadeland Ave to Harbison St

Deer Way
Kalorama Way to Massachusetts Ave

Haller St
Speck St to Dead End

Rigel St
Harbison St to Dead End

Chestnut St
Spring Garden Ave to Concord St

Middle St
E Ohio to Avery St

Moravian Way
Lockhart St to Pressley St

Phineas St
Madison Ave to Chestnet St

Carrie St
Warren St to Henderson St

Warren St
Carrie St to Rising Main Ave

Woodland to Brighton

Complete St
Shadeland Ave to Dead End

Plough St
Woodland Ave to Dead End

Hewitt St
Mairdale to Poetman

Buente St
Rhine St to Damas St

Lappe Ln
Buente St to Mathias St

Rhine St
Itin St to Yetta Ave

Basin St
Spring Garden Ave to Voskamp St

Spring Garden Ave
Vinial St to Lager St

Spring Garden Ave
City Limits to Baun Rd

Ames St
Colby St to Dead End

Colby St
Mt Pleasant Rd to Regulus St

Ivory Ave
Sovereign St to Valley View St

Oval Way
Rodenbaugh Ave to Morefield St

Ley St
Roessler St to Sunderman St

Lowrie St
Rialto St to Sundeman St

Jessie St
Banksville to Dead End

Chartiers Ave
City Limits to Bell Rd

Stueben to Wilton

Shaler St
Grandview to Well St

Idlewood Rd
Bell St to Idlewood Ave

Crucible St
Wilton Way to Lorenz Ave

Stueben to Berdella

Hammond St to Glasgow St

Broadhead Fording to Arbordale

Ingram Ave
City Limit (Before Duncan)

Heif St to Wilbert

Kohlmeyers Lane
Boggs Ave to Dead End

Leipsic Way
Halpin to Dead End

Prospect St
Dilworth to Southern Ave

Stratmore St
Ford St to Elmont St

Hamburg St
Greentree Rd to Springfield St

Junius St to Dead End

Springfield St
New York St to Dead End

Glen Mawr St
Hunt St to Carson St

Merwyn Ave
Narcissus Ave to Glasgow St

Suter St
Clarkton St to Chartiers Ave

Clymer Way
Edmore to Youghgheny

Middletown Rd to Berry

Queensbury to Hartwell

Bartow St
Vare St to Kiski Way

Arlington Ave
Climax St to Loyal Way

Asteroid Way
E. Warrington Ave to Proctor Way

Manton St
Helen Way to Arlington Ave

Asteroid Way
Proctor Way to E. Warrington Ave

Manton St
Helen Way to Arlington Ave

Eleanor to Fernleaf

Jonquil Way
Halfway St to Dead End

Banning Way
Amesbury St to Dead End

Taft Ave
Sylvania to Lafferty Ave

Dawson St
Blvd of The Allies to S Bouquet St

Semple St
Bates St to Dawson

Yarrow Way
Joncaire St to Boundry St

Jucunda St
Amanda Ave to Beltzhoover Ave

Judicial St
Kambach St to Kathleen St

Kambach St
Judicial St to Brick Transition

Ruxton St
Craighead St to Estella Ave

William St
Cola St to Arlington Ave

Carey Way
17th to 22nd

Jane St
S 19th St to S 20th

Larkins Way
S 26th St to S 25th St

S 10th St
E Carson St to Freyburg St

S 20th St
Carson St to Harcum Way

S 8th St
Carson St to Dead End

Sarah St
S 12th St to S 11th St

Angelo St
St Thomas to Mt Oliver

Arlington Ave
Amanda to Brownsville Rd

Sterling to Eleanor

Pius St to Monestary

Monastery St
Brosville St to Monastery Ave

Niles St
Sumner St to Burham St

Brosville St to Dead End

Oakley to Dead End

Mountain to Dead End

Coast Ave
Broadway Ave to Methyl St

Coast Ave
Alverado Ave to Canton Ave

Crosby Ave
Pauline Ave to Los Angeles Ave

Dagmar Ave
Alutria St to Dead End

Los Angeles Ave
Mackinaw Ave to Neeld Ave

Palm Beach Ave
Crosby Ave to End

Saranac Ave
Neeld Ave to Shiras Ave

Vodeli St
Wenzell Ave to Ploch Way

Bellaire Pl
Witt St to Brookline Blvd

Brookline Blvd
Guide Way to Altmar St

Bush Way
Freedom Ave to Hobson St

Clippert Ave
Merrick Ave to Creedmoor Ave

Dubroff Way
Berwin Ave to Gallion Ave

Lajoie Way
Castlegate to Dead End

Raeburn Way
Dubroff Way to Flatbush Ave

Repeal Way
Ava Way to Dead End

Calle Ave
Camfield St to Conniston Ave

Polo Way
Vernon Way to Calle St

Almora St
Spencer to Cedar Cove

Almora St
Kirk Ave to Spencer Ace

Leolyn to Alpaus St

Browsnville Rd
Overbrook Blvd to Clifton St

Lutz Ave
Nuzum Ave to Dead End

Minooka St
Brownsville Rd to Trost Ave

Myron Way
Cherryhill St to South Way

Northern Way
Amanda to Highnote

Nuzum Ave
Lutz Ave to Dead End

Oakhurst Way
Woodford Ave to Newett

Plateau St
Newett St to Riota Way

Redwood St
Midwood Way to Sugar Way

Riota Way
Plateau St to Strata Way

Ruralton St
Carrick Ave to Dead End

Strata Way
Riota Way to Strata Way

Edom Way
Windfall Way to Melody St

Eiler Ave
Haiti St to Nuzum Ave

W Warrington Ave
Saw Mill Run Blvd to Boggs Ave

Hargrove St
West Liberty Ave to Dead End

Norva St
Belleville St to Dead End

Bigelow St
Kaercher St to Waldeck St

Greenfield St
Loreta St to Frank St

Kish Way
Lorreta St to Montclair St

Melbourne St
Millington Rd to Frank St

Mirror St
Kennebec St to Windsor St

Gladstone St
Bigelow Blvd to Dead End

Harlem St
Tesla St to Blackstone St

Herbert Way
Renova St to Alluvian St

Renova St
2nd Ave to Dyke St

Vespucius St
2nd Ave to Dyke St

W Way
Century Ave to Fredanna St

Z Way
Dead End to Fredanna St

Circle Ave
Dorraville to Dead End

Girder St
Ingot Ave to City Line

Laclair St
Henrietta to Laclair St

Thays Way
City Limit to Dead End

Ludwick St
Monitor St to Dead End

Maria Way
Shady Ave to Edby St

Shady Ave Ext
Beechwood Blvd to Dead End

Wightman St
Bartlett St to Beacon St

Pride St
Forbes Ave to Locust St

Cecil Way
Fort Duquesne Blvd to Penn Ave

Ft Duquesne Blvd Inbound
Stanwick Inbound to Garrison Inbound

Ft Duquesne Blvd Outbound
Stanwick Outbound to Garrison Outbound

Montour Way
6th Ave to 7th Ave

Stanwick St South
Ft Pitt Blvd to Blvd Of The Allies

Preble Ave to Beaver St

Columbus Ave
Beaver St to Metropoltitan

Oxline St to Preble Ave

Metropolitan St
Pennsylvania Ave to Branchport St

N Franklin St to Liverpool

Norman St
Buena Vista St to Overlook St

Overlook St
Ridgewood St to Geranium St

Orr St
Moultrie St to Moultrie St

Pearl St
Liberty Ave to Friendship Ave

S Winebiddle St
Coral St to Friendship Ave

Woolslayer St
40thst to Fisk St

Plum Way
50th St to 47th St

Willow St
40th to 44th

Stamair St
Baum Blvd to Friendship Ave

Roup Ave
Baum Blvd to Harriet St

Highland Ave
Stanton Ave to Callowhill

Violin Way
Stanton Ave to St Marie St

36th St
Butler St to Penn Ave

Bandera St
36th St to 37th St

Mulberry Way
32nd St to 36th St

Drake Way
Springer Way to Hampton St

Hampton St
Jancey St to Chislett St

Snow Way
Greenwood St to Gael Way

Snow Way
Wellesley Ave to Dead End

30th St
Paulowna St to Brereton St

Brereton St
30th St to 28th St Bridge

Paulowna St
30th St to Herron Ave

El Paso
Adelphia St to Greenwood St

Fence Way
Woodbine St to Drive St

Garage Way
Woodbine St to Drive St

Olgethorpe St
Woodbine St to Drive St

32nd St
Spruce Way to Smallman St

Spring Way
16th St to 21st St

Berlin Way
56th St to 57th St

Harrison St
56th St to 57th St

Chesney Way
Bayard St to Dead End

Henry St
S Neville St to S Dithridge St

S Dithridge St
Forbes Ave to Winthrop St

Polo's Way
Gettysburg St 400 Block to Dead End

Bellefonte St
Ellsworth Ave to Walnut St

Ivy St
Ellsworth Ave to Dead End

Myrtle Way
Walnut to Howe

Rosary Way
Elmer St to Dead End

Arco Way
Solway St to Woodmont St

Aylesboro Ave
Shady Ave to Murray Ave

Braeburn Place
Shady Ave to Dead End

Barnsdale to Denniston

Forbes to Dead End

Shady to Murray

Beeler St to Dead End

Negley to Murray

East Hills Dr
Frankstown Ave to City Limit

Exley Way
Dornbush to Frankstown Ave

Ansley St
N Euclid to N Beatty St

Broad St
N Highland Ave to Centre Ave

Hays St
N St Clair St to N Beatty St

Highland Ave
Stanton Ave to East Liberty Blvd

Mathews Way
N. Euclid Ave to Dead End

N Beatty St
Harvard Sq to Penn Ave

S Beatty St
Baum Blvd to Penn Ave

Snively Way
Livery Way to N St Clair St

N Winebiddle St
Kinkaid St to Dearborn St

Brushton Ave
Upland St to Baxter St

Fletcher Way
N Lang Ave to N Murtland St

Tioga to Finance

Felicia Way
N. Homewood Ave to Durrango Way

N Dunfermline St
Tioga St to Finance St

Susquehanna St
N Dunfermline St to N Homewood Ave

N Murtland St
Chaucer St to Fletcher Way

Finley St
Frankstown Ave to Shetland St

Hooker St
Larimer Ave to Thompson St

Meadow St
Finley St to Larimer Ave

Shetland St
Washington Blvd to Lincoln Ave

Broadcrest Drive
Broadcrest Drive to Broadcrest Drive

Larimer St Bridge
Larimer St Bridge to Larimer St Bridge

Lincoln Ave Bridge
Renfrew St to Atwell St

5th Ave to N Dallas Ave

South Homewood
Reynolds to Penn

Rosemary Road
Undercliff to S Braddock

East End Ave
Guthrie St to Cromwell St

East End Ave
Biddle Ave to City Line

Oranmore St
Stanton Ave to Brintell St


Pittsburgh Paving Program Interactive Map (Link)

2019 Pittsburgh Paving Program Street List 04 17 19 (PDF)



The Pittsburgh Paving Program is a nearly yearlong effort usually conducted between April and November as our crews gradually move through the city. There are many factors that affect the scheduling of street resurfacing work. Weather, events, and other scheduling conflicts all impact the exact date of street work.

For more information and schedule updates, please check our Weekly Schedule page and our Twitter account:

Weekly Paving Schedule (Link)

@PghDOMI (Twitter)


Utility Coordination

In addition to the streets included in the Pittsburgh Paving Program, the City continues to coordinate with public utilities through cost sharing cooperative agreements in order to resurface even more streets. When utility companies excavate a portion of a street that is in poor condition, we work with them to resurface the width of the street instead of patching.

2019 Pittsburgh Utility Coordination Street List (PDF) - Coming Soon



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