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The Strip District Mobility Plan envisions a transportation network that supports existing businesses and sustains growth by maximizing the use of limited space for safe, enjoyable multimodal travel.


Purpose and Need

To support this vision, the Plan process evaluated existing and projected land use and travel patterns to identify a series of recommendations to improve access, safety, and comfort for all users of the transportation network to, through, and within the Strip District.

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This Plan, which was initiated by the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), is necessary to guide and improve the neighborhood’s transportation network in such a way that balances the needs of existing businesses, new residential and economic activity, and anticipated future development. Land use patterns in the Strip District have changed considerably over the past five to 10 years; a trend that is most certainly expected to continue for the next decade. Some of this development will be sited on land that is privately owned and currently used as surface parking. The introduction of higher density land use presents numerous opportunities but may challenge Strip District residents, visitors, employers, and employees if enhancements to support more multimodal trips are not made and a shared parking strategy to absorb the demand created by new development and the removal of existing parking spaces is not advanced. New economic activity coupled with enhanced transportation options, including an intuitive publicly available parking system, will help long standing businesses maintain their livelihood and support overall neighborhood health and well-being.

In such a diverse and growing neighborhood, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. DOMI has five goals for travel in Pittsburgh; the Plan seeks to elevate travel in the Strip District closer to those goals. The Plan focuses on the next decade with the understanding that while short-term improvements are necessary, the Strip District's needs will continue to evolve. To preserve existing character and to help support existing and future residents, visitors, businesses, and employees, this Plan was charged with five objectives that guided the planning process and the recommendations contained within this document. They are:

Objective 1: Develop an efficient and inclusive mobility network that accommodates movement for all users, abilities, and modes.

Objective 2: Improve access to parking for employees, residents, and visitors to the Strip District.

Objective 3: Identify an east-west bicycle connection.

Objective 4: Explore options to pilot curbside management strategies that support the dynamic needs of a growing district.

Objective 5: Identify an approach to ensure the successful implementation, management, and monitoring of implemented recommendations.

Figure 1: Proposed 10 year Multimodal Network

Figure 1: Proposed 10 year Multimodal Network


To gain a comprehensive understanding of existing and future conditions to inform recommendations, the Project Team (1) gathered traffic and parking data, (2) reviewed existing data and plans, (3) conducted public and stakeholder outreach, and (4) analyzed potential impacts associated with anticipated future growth. Findings from these efforts, coordination with City staff, and insight from subject-matter experts informed a series of recommendations and a phased implementation plan for the Strip District. It should be noted that portions of this Plan were completed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. DOMI recognizes that conditions on the ground may have shifted since the Plan was initiated and is committed to working with the public and stakeholders to ensure that changing needs and priorities are fully understood before individual recommendations are advanced for implementation. The city is grateful for all the supports from the strip neighbors and businesses and committed to continue the conversation. This plan is not the end rather the beginning of our partnership towards a safer, comfortable, enjoyable and accessible multimodal Strip. Welcome to the future!

Figure 2: Proposed Implementation Plan Overview and Timeline

Figure 2: Proposed Implementation Plan Overview and Timeline