Street Vacation

What is Vacation Application?

What is Vacation?

A Street Vacation refers to the process where an individual (who owns property adjacent to the right-of-way) can petition the City Council and Mayor to acquire public right-of-way for private use. A right-of-way is generally only vacated when it is not in use for transportation or utility provision purposes.

Download: DOMI Street Vacation Application (PDF)

Street vacation decisions are City Council action. There is no right under the zoning code or elsewhere to vacate or to develop public right-of-way. To do so, an adjacent property owner must petition City Council. The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) administers the review of street vacation requests though our Permit Division. The proposed vacation of right of way should demonstrate that there are no adverse impacts to public interest and that necessary coordination with utility providers, other adjacent property owners, and applicable City departments is complete.



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