Forestry Special Events

Forestry Special Event

Arbor Day Celebration

This year, we are going to have our Arbor Day celebration at Mellon Park Arboretum!

Mellon Park is the first park in Pittsburgh to be recognized as a level 1 Arboretum by the Morton Arboretum of Illinois. The park contains over 550 trees from more than 100 species!

Working with the Friends of Mellon Park and Tree Pittsburgh, the City of Pittsburgh Forestry Division works to care for the health of the trees and shrubs while maintaining the historic vision of the original landscape design.

You can take a virtual tour of the arboretum, provided by Tree Pittsburgh, online at:

Please download the Mellon Park Arboretum Map here and join us for the Arbor Day Celebration

Arbor Day Celebration Brochure

Mellon Park map

Upper Mellon Park

Upper Mellon Park

Lower Mellon Park

Lower Mellon Park


Arbor Day Mellon Park Event