Beautify Our ‘Burgh

A program designed to assist and recognize our most dedicated volunteers in Pittsburgh, Beautify Our Burgh puts resources in the hands of the people doing the hard work of keeping their streets free of litter. By applying to join Beautify Our Burgh, organizations will commit to adopting a street or streets and holding clean-up events for that area at least 4 times a year. In exchange, the City will provide an array supplies, pick up all collected refuse, and place a sign in the area of clean up commending the volunteer organization for their efforts.



Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of organizations can join?

We encourage (and have found great success with!) any and all organizations wanting to participate, such as churches, schools, businesses, non-profits, clubs, sports teams, fraternities and sororities, or even a new group of people put together solely to combat the litter in their area!

How much of an area does my organization need to commit to?

The minimum requirement for Beautify Our Burgh is a half (0.5) mile of street, and there is no maximum cap.

When do we have to perform the four clean-up events?

When applying you provide four initial tentative dates for your clean-ups, but they are flexible and can change as needed. Just let us know if you need to change a date.

Can we do more than just four clean ups in a year?

Yes, please!

What supplies will we get from the City?

Pittsburgh Department of Public Works will provide garbage bags, disposable single-use gloves and safety vests, and will lend out “nifty nabber” litter pick-up sticks and 5 gallon buckets. All nifty nabbers and buckets are to be returned to the City, as well as any unused bags, gloves, and vests so they can be used for future clean-ups.

How soon after our clean-up events will Department of Public Works be able to pick up our collected garbage?

DPW pick up may be as soon as same day, or may be as late as the following business day. Our DPW Division schedules vary throughout the City and change throughout the year. It’s important to let us know where your collected is placed when returning your report and sign on sheets as soon as possible.

If I want to volunteer to clean-up my area but cannot commit to several scheduled events a year, can the City still help?

Absolutely! By filling out our regular volunteer application found here, Pittsburgh Department of Public Works will still provide disposable gloves and bags, and pick up all collected refuse afterwards, same as for Beautify Our Burgh volunteers.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering to help clean-up our city, please contact us at