Commercial Recycling Resources and Tonnage Reporting Requirement 

As spelled out by Pittsburgh City Waste & Recycling Code: §619.02(a) and §619.04(f), Allegheny County Solid Waste Code §570-17(a), and State Act 101, Section 904

  • Recycling is mandatory in Pittsburgh 
  • All businesses in Pittsburgh must establish a program to recycle at least three of the following types of materials:
    • Mixed Paper – White office paper, newspaper, magazines, hardcover/softcover books, catalogs, junk mail, phone books, paperboard, and flattened corrugated cardboard
    • Aluminum and steel – cans and bottles
    • Plastics – bottles, jugs and jars
    • Glass – amber, green, and clear bottles, jugs and jars
    • Organic waste – leaves, garden residues, shrubbery, and tree trimming
  • The City is not able to service businesses and they are responsible for hiring a private collector for municipal waste and recyclables  
  • Anyone collecting and transporting recyclable materials must track source, tonnages, and disposal, and make regular reports to local government    
  • All recycling tonnages must be reported to the City’s Recycling Division on a quarterly or yearly basis (business’ preference) 
    • Private haulers can provide the tonnage report to the City on behalf of their clients 
  • The City of Pittsburgh applies for State funding with these cumulative report totals and is eligible for up to $10 for every ton recycled within city limits 


Reporting Deadlines and Methods and Tonnage Forms 

The submission deadline for 2023 Annual Report forms is Friday, March 29, 2024.

Please submit completed Tonnage Report form to the City by:
Mail  Bureau of Environmental Services  
Attention: Recycling Division  
3001 Railroad Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15201 
Fax (412) 255-2452

Please contact with any questions. Thank you!