Athletic field and court permit requests can be made via the online form below. If you are unable to submit a request via the form, phone or in-person reservations will be done by appointment only. Please email dpwfields& to schedule if you are unable to use our online service.

Sports Field/Court Permit

Sports Field Permit

What is a Field/Court Permit?

Field and Court Permits allow the public to reserve an outdoor athletic facility for usage.

Field/Court Permit Application and Required Documentation:

For athletic field and court rental inquiries, please complete the application below.


Rules and Regulations

  • Preference will be given to City of Pittsburgh residents when permits are issued.
    • Falsification of applications or roster will result in immediate cancellation of permit and loss of fee.
  • At the end of the permitted time, the permit holder must relinquish the field, unless the next permit holder of the following permitted time consents to the continuation of the game.
  • Park hours are 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. with exceptions if noted within the permit. (Ordinance 473.07a)
  • Permits are non-transferable. 
  • No fees may be charged for admission to any part of the premises.
  • No alcoholic beverages permitted. (Ordinance 473.05a)
  • Vehicles are to park in approved (parking lots, off street, etc.) parking locations only.
    • Vehicles are not to park on the grass and will be ticketed and towed. (Ordinance 473.01a)
    • Service roads are for authorized government vehicles only, not the permit holder and/or guests.
  • No permanent markings on hard surfaces or trees.
    • Violators will be charged for removal or damages. (Ordinance 473.01a1)
  • Do not attach any sign, advertisement or notice to any tree or shrub. (Ordinance 483.01)
  • The City has the right and authority to eject from the property any person acting in violation of any park rule or regulation. (Ordinance 473.07f)
  • The City has the right and the authority to seize and confiscate any property, thing or device in the park that is violation of any park rule or regulation. (Ordinance 473.07g)
  • The Department of Public Works reserves the right to revoke or change any permit at any time. No person in a park shall disturb or interfere unreasonably with any person or party occupying any area, or participating in any activity, under authority of a valid permit. (Ordinance  473.05)


Public Works Permits Office
611 Second Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 255-2366
Fax: (412) 255-2728