Tree Planting

Appealing Street Tree Removal - Staff digging

Requesting Street Tree Planting

People want to plant trees for various reasons. Some want shade and beauty. Others want to increase the value of their property. Still others wish to memorialize a loved one with a lasting, growing tribute. Whatever the reason, if you would like to see a tree planted on public property, it requires contact with the City of Pittsburgh Forestry Division. Tree Planting request forms can be found here


City Wide Green Space Planting Map

This map serves as a hub for planting locations across the City of Pittsburgh.  Submissions to this map can be made by contacting the City of Pittsburgh Forestry Division. All shapes, dimensions, and planting recommendations are approximate and subject to the review of the Forestry Division.  Permits are required for all planting activities conducted on City-owned land or within the public Right-of-Way.