USDA (US Department of Agriculture protocol)

INSPECT: Before you leave an area, inspect your car and other belongings for spotted Lanternfly adults, nymphs or egg masses.
REPORT: If you find a spotted lanternfly, kill it and report sighting (with a photo) online at or by calling 1-888-4BAD-FLY(1-888-422-3359).
DESTROY: The spotted lanternfly lays eggs and crawls on almost any surface. Destroy all life stages you find.  
How to Build a Spotted Lanternfly Circle Trap (

As far as a chemical control goes, this is what Penn State University has.

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Systemic control, injection, $15 an inch of trunk diameter, so for example a 10 inch street tree would cost around $150.00 and wouldn't help with the lanternflies on nearby grape vines and porcelain berry, so it would have a primarily cosmetic effect for a couple of weeks. It would take months to inject all of the trees, by which point the season would be coming to a close. Foliar spraying would be faster, but significantly more dangerous to both the safety of our water supplies, native insect and reptile species, pets, and park-users, and pedestrians, as it would involve essentially fogging the forest or streets with insecticides. It would work for a couple of weeks, and then they would move in from the surrounding infected parts of the County and City and we'd be back to square one. I don't really have a price estimate for foliar work, as it is done by time and materials.


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The Forestry Division within the Department of Public Works mission is to provide prompt, efficient, and safe delivery of arboricultural services to City of Pittsburgh residents. The Forestry Division is also responsible for the maintenance and health of Pittsburgh’s Urban Canopy including: 33,000+ street trees, trails, riverfronts, greenways, public facilities and right of ways. Over the next 20 years, Pittsburgh’s urban forest will be a vital & well-managed asset that is locally valued and nationally recognized for its positive social, environmental, economic and public health impacts on the Community and greater region.


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We also offer support to residents and community members who would like to help us grow and maintain our urban canopy.

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The Forestry Division takes care of many seasonal projects such as the annual Holiday Tree Light up Celebration. City Forestry is also responsible for maintaining the 33000+ street trees, Parks and greenspaces. If a resident would like to report an issue to City Forestry. Please contact the City's 311 service center at 412-255-2621 or simply dial 311 on your landline or mobile phone. You can also submit a request through 311.