Anti-Litter, Illegal Dumping and Graffiti Removal

Littering and dumping has major effects on the City of Pittsburgh and its residents, so we are tackling the problem through prevention, education, abatement and enforcement. Our team is dedicated to finding creative, new, and data-driven solutions to these unlawful and unwanted practices.


The City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works is now able to resume outdoor activites, which means we are once again able to service Volunteer Clean-Up Events by picking up collected litter afterwards! To comply with COVID-19 safety regulations, we are asking all currently planned Voluntter Clean-Up Events follow a few simple rules:

  • If possible, conduct litter clean-ups alone
  • Maintain social distancing guidelines by keeping 6 feet away from other people
  • Use gloves and masks to limit possible exposure from the litter itself
  • Any collected refuse should be taken back home to be picked up with your regularly scheduled curb-side pick up
  • Limit the number of individual clean-ups done to save on PPE gloves and masks


Frequently Asked Questions 

Report Dumping 

Volunteer Clean-Up Applications 

Additional Organization Resources

Disposal Resources

Permission for Graffiti Removal Form (PDF Verson)

Permission for Graffiti Removal Form (Online Web Form Version)


If you have any questions regarding volunteering to help clean-up our city, please contact us at