Litter Index

While we know that litter is a problem for Pittsburgh, quantifying that problem can be very challenging. In order to know if our efforts are improving the amount of litter on the ground, we first need to know just how much litter is on the ground to begin with. That’s where you can help! 
The City of Pittsburgh is currently developing a web app to track just how much litter an area has. This app will allow you to rate the amount of litter on a street with a 1 through 4 standard metric set by Keep America Beautiful. We hope to have a month long event each year where volunteers such as yourself help us get a clear picture of what residents have to deal with every day. With this information, we can adjust how we deal with litter, learn which areas need the most help, and provide a heat map for residents and City workers alike.  
Much more information on how the app will work will be coming soon!   
If you are interested in volunteering to help with the yearly Litter Index when it is released, please submit your email here:


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We will be reaching out with more detailed information as it becomes available.

f you have any questions regarding volunteering to help clean-up our city, please contact us at



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