Environmental Services – Missed Pick Up

What to do if Environmental Services missed your set out refuse and recycling

If the waste that you properly set out was not picked up by Environmental Services, you can alert us and we will correct our mistake by sending out a truck for additional pick up!

Please note that this does service does not apply to residents who have improperly set out waste or who have set out unaccepted materials. Additionally, calls made for additional pick up because the resident forgot to put out their trash on time will be considered FRAUDULENT, and may be subject to investigation.

Before you report a missed pick up to the City, please check to make sure the materials are allowed for curbside pick up.

Common UNACCEPTED materials include:

  • Hazardous, infectious, explosive or flammable material
  • Carpeting installed by a professional
  • Bricks, cement, glass blocks, marble or stone countertops
  • Car and automobile parts, tires
  • Covered electronics devices such as TVs, computers, or other “e-waste”
  • Freon appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, or air conditioners
  • Batteries, light bulbs, wet or oil-based paints

To make sure your refuse and recycling is picked up properly, follow these best standards:

  • Set-out your bags/bins by no later than 6:00 a.m. on your collection day
  • Keep your refuse and recycling separate and in clearly marked containers (recycling must be in blue bins)
  • Be sure that your containers are 35 gallons or less<
  • Do not include unaccepted items

Because of the extra wasted manhours and resources it takes to send our City employees for extra pick ups, we must again warn against submitting fraudulent claims.

If you have followed all of these instructions and your scheduled weekly pick up was still missed, please alert the City of Pittsburgh’s service request hotline by calling 311, or by filling our online form here.

To learn more about what items are and are not accepted curbside, check out these City of Pittsburgh pages