Residential Recycling

Residential Recycling

All residents of the City of Pittsburgh must separate recyclable items from household trash and package them for bi-weekly recycling curbside collection, per City Code §619.03(a).

Curbside single-stream recycling is easy if you follow the rules: Empty and rinse all containers, include mixed paper, and remove and discard all lids and caps and place in a large blue recycling bag, blue bin, or blue cart with a tight fitting lid not exceeding 35 gallons. Flatten, bundle cardboard and place into another box or into your bin or cart for collection. 

As the city moves to improve its recycling quality, bags are highly discouraged at this time. Blue bags clog equipment at the recycling facility and degrade the quality of material. In the interim, the City of Pittsburgh is encouraging residents to purchase a blue bin or blue cart under 35-gallons with a tight fitting lid. Although grant funding has been approved by Council, there is no bin/cart distribution plan at this time. However, the city is actively working with multiple partners for a comprehensive distribution program over the next several years. 

Shredded paper is no longer accepted at the curb and will need to be bagged and taken to one of the following drop-off locations to be recycled: East End, Hazelwood, West End, Strip District, and Construction Junction.