Residential Recycling

Did you know that recycling is mandatory in the City of Pittsburgh?  All residents of single-family homes and small apartments (five or fewer) must separate recyclable items from household trash and package them for bi-weekly recycling curbside collection, per City Code §619.03(a).  The City practices single-stream recycling, which means all recyclables are combined and placed into one truck and taken to a Materials Recovery Facility, Recycle Source, for further processing.  

Curbside single stream recycling is easy if you follow these simple steps!

  • Designate a space in your home for a recycling bin. 
  • Find out what you can recycle from the list below. 
  • Place clean recyclables loosely in a blue bin not exceeding 35 gallons or large blue bag.
  • Flatten, bundle cardboard and place it into another box or bin for collection.
  • Place your recycling apart from regular household trash on your scheduled recycling pickup day. 
  • Visit one of our drop-off locations if you have additional recycling, shredded paper, tires, or scrap metal.

Accepted Curbside Recyclables:


Shredded Paper:

  • Shredded paper is no longer accepted at the curb and will need to be bagged and taken to specific drop-off locations. Click here for more information.

Have an item that is not listed above? Visit Recycle This PGH for a deep dive into other common items. 

While we currently accept blue bags containing recyclables, we do not accept 'extra' plastic bags at the curb or at drop-off locations.  Films like Grocery bags, produce bags, bread, newspaper film plastics can be taken to your local grocery store or visit to find a location near you.  

Where are the blue bins? The City of Pittsburgh is currently working on a plan to distribute blue bins to residents serviced by the Bureau of Environmental Services. Please visit our Blue Bin Info Page to learn more and sign up for updates. 


Supplemental Links

Find and view your home's schedule for trash, recycling, and yard-debris pickups, Landlord Waste and Recycling Fact Sheet, and Recycling FAQ below.