Waste Regulations and Ordinances

Waste Regulations

Waste and Recycling Regulations

Chapter 619: Waste and Recycling Code

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What’s changing?

  • Makes the mandate to recycle explicit.
  • Waste to be placed in a substantial watertight container not exceeding 35 gallons with a close-fitting lid or leak-proof bag.
  • To prevent contamination, waste is no longer allowed to be set out for collection in blue containers or blue recycling bags. Blue is reserved for recycling only.
  • Recycling can be placed in a blue translucent recycling bag, City issued container or substantial watertight blue container clearly marked for recycling not exceeding 35 gallons. If a blue recycling container is used, place all material in loosely.
  • Codifies set out times: no sooner than 6 p.m. the day prior to collection, no later than 6 a.m. day of collection.
  • Containers must be removed from collection site by 10 p.m. the day of collection. No removal time was previously specified.
  • Anyone not serviced by the City must now label their dumpster or storage container with the name and address of establishment to distinguish ownership.
  • Sets tenants up for success in waste and recycling compliance:
  • Requires landlords to provide both waste and recycling storage containers for their tenants.
  • Better communicates the existing requirement to provide a Pittsburgh-specific Waste and Recycling Fact Sheet to tenants as part of leases.
  • If not in compliance with Chapter 619, violation notice will be sent to both tenants and landlords.

Environmental Services Waste Regulations
(Authorized by City Code § 619.02) 

Obstructions (Including Dumpsters)
§ 416.02 - Permit Fee for Minor Street Obstructions

Public Order
§ 601.11 - Littering and Dumping

Commercial Hauling of Municipal Waste
§ 765.05 - Collection Practices



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