Election Sign Recycling

**We have concluded for 2020

Looking to recycle campaign signs? 
Recycle the plastic film at your local grocer like you would a grocery bag. 

Separate out the metal and drop as scrap to: list of DPW locations


Drop offs will be accepted at the following locations:

East End Drop-Off Center (2nd Division) - 6814 Hamilton Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15208 - 412-665-3609
Hazelwood Drop-Off Center (3rd Division) - 40MelanchtonSt Pittsburgh, PA 15207 - 412-422-6524
West End Drop-Off Center (5th Division) - 1330 Hassler St Pittsburgh, PA 15220 - 412-937-3054


The above locations are open Monday through Friday 6AM to 2PM


Both the sign (plastic film or corrugated plastic) and the metal stands that make up election campaign signs are RECYCLABLE!

  • Please sperate the materials before dropping off at one of the City’s Division locations or at one of the community coordinated drop-off station(see below).


Neighborhood collections

Department of Public Works will pick up large amounts of signs collected in your neighborhood and make sure these items get recycled properly. You'll need to fill out a Volunteer Application here, and make sure to include the phrase "ELECTION SIGN RECYCLING" in the description of the project. 

Be sure that you have separated out the plastic sleeves from the metal brackets BEFORE pick-up, otherwise it may not be properly recycled!

If you'd like to know best tips for how to organize a volunteer event, check out our Volunteer Toolkit!