Zero Waste Overview

Welcome to Zero Waste - Panoramic Photo of the City of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's Journey to Zero Waste 

One of the greenest and most visible ways to manage materials sustainability is to implement the tactics of Zero Waste. 

The City of Pittsburgh is working to increase its diversion and strive for Zero Waste by 2030. In an effort to accomplish this goal, it will take city-wide participation from all sectors to eliminate products that are ‘’destined for landfill.’’ The production and disposal of materials result in broad environmental and social impacts associated with obtaining raw materials, manufacturing and emissions from landfills. 

The Zero Waste International Alliance defines zero waste as the diversion of at least 90% of waste from landfills or incineration. With help from 100 Resilient Cities, the City of Pittsburgh has developed a Roadmap to Zero Waste, laying out a strategic plan to achieve this 90% diversion rate city-wide by 2030. 

Waste Management Hierchy Graph


How Will We Get There?

  • Reducing waste in commercial establishments 
  • Reducing waste at events
  • Engaging Pittsburgh's residents, businesses, and institutions in Zero Waste
  • Exploring new ways to reduce and divert waste

All sectors have the opportunity to practice waste avoidance, reduce single-use plastics, and compost with some dedication and practice. The City of Pittsburgh encourages everyone to find viable ways to eliminate waste going in and out of their homes, schools, institutions, and facilities.