ZW Resources

Waste Reduction Grapgic

Want to do more than recycle? There are several easy steps you can take to reduce your waste and conserve valuable resources.

Junk Mail / Phone Books

Catalog Choice
Catalog Choice is a non-profit organization that works on your behalf to process opt-out requests for more than 10,000 catalog/junk mail titles.

DMA Choice
The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is a member organization of direct mailers. The DMAChoice is an online tool for consumers to manage their mail preferences and to opt-out of unwanted junk mail. is the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry's website for consumers to opt-in/opt-out of firm offers for credit and insurance.

Yellow Pages Opt-Out
The National Yellow Pages Consumer Choice and Opt-Out site allows residents to opt-out of the delivery of local directory publications.

Go Paperless!

  • For the mail you actually want to receive, opt-in to paperless billing and communications when available.
    • This will cut down on both paper consumption and document destruction (shredding).

Buy Green, Save Green

  • Don't collect any more grocery bags! Invest in re-usable shopping bags or totes to use when you shop.
  • Buy in bulk! Cut down on packaging by avoiding individually wrapped and single-use items when possible. 
    • For perishables, buy only what you need to avoid spoilage.
  • Durable vs disposable: Use a refillable waterbottle, avoid disposable dinnerware and food storage products (paper plates, styrofoam, etc.).