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Whistleblower Protection: the City of Pittsburgh Ethics Code §197.18 prohibits taking or threatening certain actions such as personal attack, harassment, intimidation or adverse employment actions in retaliation for opposing unethical practices or participating in an Ethics Hearing Board investigation or hearing.

Leanne Davis, Esq.
Executive Director and Ethics Officer
City of Pittsburgh Ethics Hearing Board
City County Building, Rm. 328
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

You may also call our 24-hour hotline answering system at 412-255-2122; there may be six rings before answer/voicemail. Please note that while we remain open to assist you remotely, our office is closed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

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Note: This calendar option is for completing the Statement of Financial Interests disclosure form together. Make sure you click "book" at the bottom of the form. If you would like a private meeting, please complete the request ethics advice or the report an ethics violation form below.

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