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The Ethics Hearing Board has enforcement power over negligent and willful violations of the Code of Conduct.

You can request investigation into potential ethics misconduct. Even if you aren’t sure about all the details, every tip helps. Our thorough investigation process helps to confirm or to create compliance.

We investigate potential violations of the Code of Conduct. Here’s a general overview of some of the topics under our jurisdiction:

  •  Conflicts of interest
  •  Use of position to influence a business or property with personal or family connections
  •  Use of authority for private gain
  •  Voting conflicts
  •  Campaign finance
  •  Personal use of City property, information, facilities or staff
  •  Nepotism
  •  Post-Employment
  •  Offering, soliciting or accepting gifts
  •  Disclosures
  •  Wrongful use of the Code
  •  Retaliation

Tips and complaints can be filed by anyone, including the Ethics Hearing Board itself.

Graphic concerning EHB Initiated Complaints

The Ethics Hearing Board may only act with respect to current and former officials and employees (and those who, although acting under contract, appear to act as government officials and employees), consultants, applicants, candidates, contributors to campaigns for City elected office, and persons and entities who do or seek business with the City (including the owners and officers of such entities, and subcontractors). 

 The Ethics Hearing Board may also act with respect to those who induce, encourage, or aid anyone to violate any provision of the Code, give gifts to officials and employees or their relatives, or are otherwise covered by the provisions of the Code. 

The Ethics Hearing Board is bifurcated, or separated, into two different groups. One group serves to process complaints, and the other serves on hearings.

Case Processing Flow Chart Image

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