Special Events Operations

Special Operations: Honor Guard, Bike, Motorcycle

Special Events and Units

When the stadiums, parks and neighborhood attractions of Pittsburgh draw in a large crowd, Pittsburgh EMS is there.

Pittsburgh EMS is dedicated to serving the needs of the public. Special Operations makes its personnel available and prepared at each one of these events with an array of equipment should any problems present themselves.


Motorcycle Medics

Pittsburgh EMS has four specially equipped Harley Davison Motorcycles containing Advanced Life Support equipment. Paramedics specially trained in how to safely operate these motorcycles use them to quickly maneuver through traffic and crowds at large outdoor events and many places that a normal ambulance cannot fit. The Motorcycle Unit is often credited with performing lifesaving interventions in areas that would be difficult to access by typical field units. 

Bicycle Medics

Pittsburgh EMS utilizes bicycles to provide medical coverage for large spectator events.

These bicycles, staffed with paramedics and ALS equipment, are able to offer medical care faster than the traditional method when dealing with large crowds.

The bicycles also offer to the paramedics the ability to traverse difficult terrain that would otherwise only be accessible by foot.

To inquire about special event scheduling, please call the EMS office at 412-622-6930.


Honor Guard

The City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Honor Guard was established in February of 1995. An EMS Honor Guard was needed to help honor three City of Pittsburgh Firefighters that tragically lost their lives in a structure fire on Valentine's Day.

Since then, the Honor Guard has grown from three initial members to the 15 dedicated members that provide this distinguished service today. All members are City of Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS Paramedics or Paramedic Crew Chiefs.

The Honor Guard is busy throughout the year, providing services at different details. Some of these details include parades, banquets, dedications, memorial services, funerals, conferences and inaugurations. The Honor Guard has traveled out of state for several ceremonial details.

The annual signature event for the Honor Guard is held each year during May, when the National EMS Memorial Service is held in Roanoke, Virginia. At this event, EMS agencies from across the nation take the time to honor those pre-hospital EMS personnel who have made the "Ultimate Sacrifice," losing their lives in the line of duty.

If interested in requesting the presence of the City of Pittsburgh EMS Honor Guard, please contact:

Division Chief Paul A. Sabol, NRP
Cell: 412-475-0854
Office: 412-622-6931