Special Programs

Pittsburgh EMS is dedicated to providing the best prehospital medical care anywhere. That commitment starts well before a call to 911. The Bureau of EMS has developed and maintained a number of Special Programs that allow our Paramedics and EMTs to meet our neighbors before they have a moment of need. By building relationships with the public, the Bureau of EMS is able to provide value through outreach and education. Many of the services provided through the bureau’s special programs are designed to ensure our neighbors remain safe and healthy. Sometimes, however, a call to 911 for EMS is unavoidable. Other programs and services that are provided by the Bureau of EMS are aimed to teach the public how to act as our first tier of response through training, such as Stop the Bleed, First Aid and CPR training as well as how to be prepared for when Paramedics or EMTs arrive on scene by utilizing the Envelope of Life.

Use the menu on the right to explore the special programs offered by Pittsburgh EMS. Thank you for taking the first step in joining us to keep Pittsburgh safe and healthy!