Station Locations

*MCU-1 is a Mass Casualty Unit available as a Region 13 asset. This Rescue truck is a non-staffed truck that responds to Mass-Casualty incidents. This vehicle is equipped with ten sets of Advanced Life Support gear with extra long back boards and other gear and equipment needed at a large incident.

Station Location
Medics 1 and 11 Homewood
Medic 2 and Ambulance 47 Knoxville
Medic 3 and Ambulance 46 West End
Medic 4 North Side
Medic 5 Upper Hill District
Medic 6 and Ambulance 45 Garfield
Medic 7 Squirrel Hill
Medic 8 Beltzhoover
Medic 9 and Rescue 1 North Oakland
Medic 10 Marshall-Shadeland
Medic 12 Hays
Medic 14 and Rescue 2 Downtown
EMS Headquarters Shadyside
MCU-1* Shadyside