Swiftwater and Flood Response

Swiftwater response team training in the water.

In addition to River Rescue, many Pittsburgh EMS personnel, both Paramedics and EMTs are trained in Flood Response and/or to the level of Swiftwater Technician. The bureau’s swift water rescue team is trained and certified as a 2A team within the state of Pennsylvania. The bureau’s training is sanctioned by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and is completed by new personnel on a regular basis by in house instructors. Swiftwater Technicians are issued personal equipment that allows them to respond to a plethora of water related incidents in and around the City of Pittsburgh.

When severe weather or flooding is predicted the bureau adds additional personnel to augment the capabilities of Rescue 1, Rescue 2 and River Rescue to expedite responses to water emergencies. In addition, as a 2A team, the team is deployable throughout the commonwealth if requested.