Tactical EMS Team

Established in 2011 the Pittsburgh TEMS (Tactical EMS) Team was originally formed with 14 Paramedics and 2 Paramedic Supervisors. The team today is made up of 15 Paramedics, 3 Supervisors and 2 Physicians. TEMS trains regularly with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police SWAT team and is deployed simultaneously with the SWAT Team for nearly all operations. The two teams work alongside each other to ensure the safety of the public and to provide prompt and expert rescue and medical care under nearly any circumstance. Pittsburgh TEMS is recognized as one of the highest trained and most capable Tactical EMS units in the region and strives to maintain that status. The Bureau of EMS continues to support the efforts of the TEMS team as part of the bureau’s ongoing commitment to the reduction of mortality and morbidity through the delivery of high-quality EMS care under all conditions.