Black History Month - Pittsburgh Jazz Legends

The City of Pittsburgh’s celebration of Black History Month will salute jazz legends throughout February.

The 2021 tribute will feature an overview of Pittsburgh’s jazz history, performer interviews, artist profiles and performance videos.

“While many people immediately think of New York and Chicago as locations profoundly influencing Jazz, many people are unaware that the City of Pittsburgh also has had a significant impact on Jazz,” said Brian Katze, Manager of the City of Pittsburgh Office of Special Events. “Pittsburgh’s location -- situated between New York and Chicago – brought hundreds of Jazz innovators through the city’s varied clubs and venues. One of the most famous Jazz venues in the City of Pittsburgh was the Hill District’s Crawford Grill.”

The Crawford Grill, the epicenter of Jazz music in Pittsburgh, attracted many famous jazz legends including Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Billy Eckstine and Stanley Turrentine.



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