Special Events Committee

Once an application is received and logged, it moves on to the vetting process via the Special Events Committee. The Special Events Committee is a group of representatives from various City departments, including Public Safety, Public Works, Parks & Recreation, Emergency Management, and the Port Authority. This group meets every Tuesday morning to review the applications received the previous week, and to continue discussion on any applications that have been held over from the previous week.

The job of this committee is to review each application and determine if the proposed event is viable, make sure the dates and locations requested are available, ensure that proper procedure is being followed, and that any needed City resources are properly allocated and not over-booked.

If necessary, the committee may request that an organizer attend a committee meeting to further discuss their proposed event, and to work one-on-one with department representatives to iron out any needs from the respective departments.

The members of the Special Events Committee are:

Kinsey Casey Chief Operating Officer & SEC Co-Chair Office of the Mayor
Lee Schmidt Assistant Director, Operations & SEC Co-Chair Dept. of Public Safety
Brian Katze Special Events Manager Office of Special Events
John J. Chapman Special Events Coordinator Office of Special Events
Jen Lemasters Special Events Administrator Office of Special Events
Bill Crean Streets Superintendent Dept. of Public Works
Joe Rush Parks Operations Manager Dept. of Public Works
Allison Botti Permits Office Dept. of Public Works
Denny Robinson Permits Specialist Dept. of Mobility & Infrastructure
Dylan Cork Project Coordinator Dept. of Permits, License & Inspections
Alan Hausman Emergency Management Planner Emergency Management & Homeland Security
Lisa Epps-Cuda Master Firefighter & Inspector Bureau of Fire
Richard Linn Division Chief Emergency Medical Services
Wanda Duncan Sergeant Bureau of Police – Planning Unit
Robert Plata Police Officer Bureau of Police – Planning Unit
Chuck Rompala Road Operations Port Authority Transit
Jonathan Furman Lead Park Ranger Dept. of Public Safety
Susan Lucas Administrative Aide Dept. of Parks & Recreation 


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