Real Estate

The Real Estate Division of the Department of Finance accepts questions from the general public for purchase of properties.

The City makes certain that the requested property is not needed for public improvement. The prospective purchaser submits a request to become a qualified buyer.

A qualified buyer is one who:

  • has paid taxes, water, sewage, etc.
  • is in compliance with City codes and policies.

The approved prospective purchaser is notified of the price in the response letter to the Request to Purchase form.

Properties for Sale

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You may qualify for special pricing with our Side Yard Sales Program

Request to Purchase Form for Individuals (Fillable Version)

Request to Purchase Form for Individuals (No Fill Version)

Request to Purchase Form for Business Entities

Request to Include a property in a Future Treasurer’s Sale No Fill Version)

Request to Include a property in a Future Treasurer’s Sale (Fillable Version)

For additional information about the vacant lots, call the Real Estate Division at: 412-255-2525

Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live within the City of Pittsburgh to be eligible to buy property?
No. You do not have to be a resident of the City of Pittsburg to be eligible to purchase city-owned property.

Do I have to own property within the City of Pittsburgh to be eligible?
No. It is not a requirement of the Request to Purchase form that you own property in the city or even at all. Renters can purchase property as long as they are approved.

Can I request multiple properties on my Request to Purchase form?
No. There can only be one piece of property requested per form. If you are requesting multiple properties, each piece will require a new, separate, Request to Purchase form.

Why do the prices online all say “TBD?”
Pricing of all properties will be done after you are approved as a buyer.

There are properties I see on the Allegheny County Real Estate Portal that are owned by the City of Pittsburgh but are not on the website, why?
Those properties are owned by the City of Pittsburgh but are currently not available for sale. If that designation changes, the property will be uploaded to the eProperty Plus website and will be shown as available.

Can I purchase property as a side yard if the property I own is vacant land?
No. Side yards sales are not eligible if the adjacent property is also vacant land.

What type of correspondence will I get from the City regarding the price and sale?
You will receive a letter to your given address regarding your approval and the outcome and sale price of the property. That letter will have information and the directions to the next step of the sales process.

How much money will I need to start my sale?
You will be required to place 10% of the total purchase price or $200 (whichever is greater) down in hand money to officially start your sale with the city.

If my request to purchase gets denied do I have to start the sales process all over again?
No. You will have the opportunity to fix and resubmit the Request to Purchase form without having to start from the beginning.

Can I view the property/properties that I requested before I am approved?
No. You will be able to set a date and time to view the property once you have been approved and received a correspondence letter from the City.

Will I get the properties purchased from the City of Pittsburgh with a clear title?
Yes. The title and property will be free and clear of all back taxes and liens when you close on the property.

What happens if City Council does not approve the sale of the property?
If City Council does not approve the sale of your property, the 10% (or $200) hand money that you placed to start your sale will be returned to you in full.