Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Forms:


Abatements Applications and Information
The City, School District, and Carnegie Library offer several tax abatement programs for both residential (Act 42) and commercial improvements (LERTA). Allegheny County also participates in several of the programs.
Details on these programs can be found in the Abatement Table.
Act 42 Enhanced Exemption Application
Eligible Neighborhoods for Act 42 Enhanced Exemption
Request for 3 Year Residential Real Estate Tax Exemption through Act 42 of 1977
Local Economic Stimulus Abatement Application
Commercial LERTA Abatement Application



Tax Relief Programs
Act 77 – Senior Tax Relief Act 50- Homestead Tax Exemption
Applications available through Allegheny County
*For any discrepancy on your bill please contact 412-255-2525. Real Estate bills are calculated based on Allegheny County Assessment Data. To update your information with Allegheny County please contact 412-350-4100
Act 77 Property Tax Relief Verification Form 2020

Application available through Allegheny County


Discount Extension Form
If you did not meet the 2% discount deadline (February 10th) of the current tax year, you can complete Discount Extension Form to qualify for the 2% discount. The filing deadline for all Discount Extension Forms will be December 31 of the current tax year.




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