Overview of the Plan

The Four-Mile Run watershed consists of multiple neighborhoods throughout the City of Pittsburgh, including a large portion of Squirrel Hill, all of Schenley Park, a majority of Oakland, and parts of Greenfield and Hazelwood, totaling an area of approximately 2,332 acres. The drainage area includes large sections of Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and Greenfield, and a portion of I-376 (Parkway East). The drainage area contains miles of paved roads, thousands of residential properties, major universities, Schenley Park, numerous parklets, Phipps, and a railroad.

Panther Hollow Lake

At the core of the watershed is Panther Hollow Lake. The lake is fed by Panther Hollow Run and Phipps Run which join just above the lake. These are two of the six remaining above ground streams in the City and, unlike our region’s rivers these streams receive no sewer overflows. Encroaching urbanization has resulted in increased frequency and severity of storm water runoff, impacting the watershed by dramatically changing stream channels and degrading water quality. Moreover, there have been significant flooding and basement backup problems reported in Greenfield.

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