What is the HIV Commission?

Created after a City ordinance was passed in 2012, the HIV Commission is responsible for serving the HIV/AIDS community in the City of Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh HIV/AIDS Commission is hereby established to fulfill the following purposes:

  • Increase communication between service providers serving both consumers at high risk for HIV/AIDS and consumers living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Establish a collaborative of diverse community, business, academic and governmental agencies to assess needs, goals and objectives for effective HIV and STD prevention, education and treatment programs to better protect and serve the citizens of the Pittsburgh region.
  • Provide policy guidance, recommendations and consultation to the City's leadership and health community to remove barriers and promote achievement of goals and objectives set forth by the Commission.

The following ordinance, passed by the Mayor and City Council in 2012, created the HIV Commission. It outlines the definitions of language and the process of the HIV Commission.

Ordinance No. 34 Chapter 179C