New 2019 City of Pittsburgh Wellness Program

Welcome to the City of Pittsburgh’s Employee Wellness Program: CityFit Health & Wellness At Work.

CityFit is a unique and evolving wellness program for City of Pittsburgh employees and their families. For over a decade, CityFit has offered programs such as wellness fairs, physical activities, nutrition counseling, educational lunch & learn sessions, and more!

CityFit also offers a Wellness Reward Program to City employees which gives an opportunity to earn a financial and prize incentive for participating in CityFit programs and activities.

In 2018, CityFit strategically partnered with Integrated Health 21 to create a customized wellness program that is focused on providing access to the most current health information and opportunities to improve their individual health and well-being.  

With the use of an online wellness platform, Mediterranean Wellness, the program is designed to meet your specific wellness needs using these four wellness dimensions: mind, body, heart, and spirit. We support and encourage you to adopt healthy behaviors that translate to a better quality of life and career in our great city!

Four dimension of City Fit Wellness

Are you interested in learning more and participating in the Wellness Reward Program?

2019 Wellness Program Information Sessions

For detailed Information on the reward, activities, and how to earn points click here.

*New website link* Log in or get started in January by visiting www.cityfitpgh.com/login.php

Upcoming important dates:
January, 2019- Platform opens and points program begins

October 31, 2019- Deadline to for Wellbeing, Self-Care, and Active-Care Reward

November 30, 2019- Deadline for Champion Reward

Contact Us

The City of Pittsburgh Benefits and Wellness Team gladly welcomes feedback regarding CityFit programming. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Health & Wellness At Work program, please contact us!

Email: city.fit@pittsburghpa.gov | Phone: 412-255-2183