Classification & Compensation Study

As part of our efforts to modernize the HR function, we identified the need to overhaul and update the classification and compensation system, which was originally implemented in the late 1970s. A classification and compensation system provides the framework for determining how employees will be paid. As a general rule, most public entities conduct new classification and compensation studies periodically to ensure their ability to hire and retain qualified employees and that internal relationships are equitable. The periodic review which comes with a comprehensive classification and compensation system update also enables an organization to account for technology changes, changes in work processes, tools and equipment, and other factors that can affect job responsibilities.

In order to properly maintain a classification and compensation system, an on-going process is needed to review job responsibilities and job class assignment to pay grades to ensure jobs are properly classified and compensated. To support this effort, Human Resources and OMB collaborated on an RFP, through which Segal Waters Consulting was selected. The firm has decades of experience performing similar projects in local governments across the country, and the firm understands the value and importance of a positive working relationship while managing a study of this nature.

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