Meetings and Public Hearings

The Civil Service Commission holds regularly scheduled meetings once per week in the Department of Human Resources and Civil Service.  Regularly scheduled meetings are typically on Thursdays at 8:00 AM. All meeting dates/times are posted publicly in the Personnel boards in the Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission.  The Commission’s responsibilities at the meetings are to carry out the prescribed duties, in accordance with the General Civil Service Act (1907, May 23, P.L., 206 as amended). 

On numerous occasions, the Commission hold public hearings with employees, applicants for employment, Department Directors/Bureau Chiefs, union officials, etc.  These hearings include appeals from the actions of the various Department Directors/Bureau Chiefs, appeals regarding applicant eligibility and conferences during which matters relating to the work of the Commission are discussed.

All public meeting and public hearing minutes are public documents and are available by contacting the Commission’s Secretary and Chief Examiner at 412-255-2384.