Residency Requirement and Verification 

Employment with the City of Pittsburgh requires that employees live within the boundaries of the city. The Department of Human Resources and Civil Service will accept the following documents to verify legal residence:  

  • Current executed Lease Agreement (Include a canceled check for one month's payment or the security deposit).  
  • Month-to-month leases require employees to verify with the Department of Human Resources and Civil Service monthly that the lease has been maintained or when new residence is established. 
  • Mortgage payment booklet (document identifying homeowner name and property address).
  • Title to property  

Two of the following documents, showing the city address, must also be presented:  

  • Vehicle registration card  
  • Vehicle insurance card  
  • Current gas bill  
  • Current electric bill  
  • Current telephone bill  
  • Current cell phone bill  
  • Current cable bill  

*a letter from the representative company confirming it is establishing service for the new resident is acceptable.  

Prior to purchasing or renting a place of residence, applicants and employees may call to verify that the property is located within the City of Pittsburgh:  

Department of Human Resources and Civil Service