Occupational Safety Committees

The purpose of occupational safety committees within the city structure is to provide employees an opportunity to become involved and make recommendations that are designed to improve occupational safety & health and to prevent injuries.

There are two types of occupational safety committees within the city structure: a citywide Occupational Safety Committee and individual department/ bureau committees.  Departments/ bureaus are represented by their designated occupational safety representative in the citywide Occupational Safety Committee.  The existence of the Occupational Safety Committee does not preclude any department/ bureau from organizing a safety committee with appropriate representation from management and labor.

General Duties of an Occupational Safety Committee representative are to promote safety and injury prevention within the department/ bureau by performing the following functions:

  1. Analyze and solve safety and health issues submitted by fellow employees, supervisors or the Manager of Risk Management.
  2. Detect hazards, notify supervisor and assist with corrective action.
  3. Assist with the development of safety policies, practices, or guidelines that promote safety and health in the workplace.

The citywide Occupational Safety Committee meets monthly and all minutes of meetings are available to all City of Pittsburgh employees through the Employee Portal on the city INTRAnet webpage; they can be found through the icon on the right sidebar.

Any city employee can attend an Occupational Safety Committee meeting with their supervisor’s approval.  Employees interested in more information or who may want to represent their department/ bureau at the citywide Occupational Safety Committee can contact the Office of Risk Management at (412) 255-2403) or email.