Pittsburgh City Councilman Bobby Wilson Passes Legislation Providing City of Pittsburgh Employees with POGOH Bicycle Share Memberships


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PITTSBURGH, PA (June 21, 2023) — Pittsburgh City Councilman Bobby Wilson (District 1) passed legislation at today’s Regular Meeting of Pittsburgh City Council authorizing the Office of Mayor Ed Gainey and the City’s Department of Human Resources and Civil Service to enter into an agreement with POGOH to provide all City of Pittsburgh employees with annual bicycle share memberships. These memberships will include unlimited 30-minute rides, and City employees will be able to utilize a POGOH network of 60 station locations boasting 240 traditional pedal bicycles and 360 electric-assist bicycles.

“Our city's success is built on a long history of prioritizing workers and working families. We think all businesses should consider providing free access to the POGOH system for their staff, and we're thrilled that all employees of the City of Pittsburgh will soon have unlimited 30-minute trips on POGOH,” said David White, Executive Director of POGOH. “We all benefit from increased transportation options, and whether City workers use POGOH for a lunch-time loop, a weekend ride, or a morning commute, we are excited to serve them!”

This legislation had strong support from Kimberly Lucas, Director of the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility & Infrastructure. “I am grateful that the City Council is expanding POGOH bikeshare access to our City employees. Having more transportation options in our City, especially those that don’t increase car trips, will make our streets safer, our air cleaner, and our residents’ and visitors’ lives better.”

“It's exciting to see the City of Pittsburgh take a leadership role, not only in the region, but in the nation, in providing free bike share to their employees," said Scott Bricker, Executive Director of Bike Pittsburgh. "This initiative by Councilman Wilson and Pittsburgh City Council highlights the City of Pittsburgh’s commitment to wellness, cleaner air, and improving transportation choice. We hope that other large employers here follow this model.”

“Partnering with POGOH sends a clear signal that the City of Pittsburgh is committed to reducing car trips by offering all our employees the option of taking free short POGOH trips. This partnership will also promote the health and wellness of our employees while fostering a cleaner and greener work environment here at the City. I look forward to seeing my colleagues and fellow City workers out and about on POGOH bikes this summer!” said Councilman Wilson.

For press inquiries, please contact Councilman Wilson’s Chief of Staff, Mohammed Burny, at (412) 215-0528 or mohammed.burny@pittsburghpa.gov.

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