Address Request

Street Address Assignment

How To Obtain a New Street Address or Change of Address:
Before any type of permit application can be reviewed/issued in the City of Pittsburgh, an address must be obtained from the City's GIS Team

  1. Instructions and Applications are available at: 
  2. GIS assigns street address and inform relevant City of Pittsburgh departments, Allegheny County departments, & the United States Postal Service approximately two weeks after this fully completed application has been received & all required documents are provided

Address Assignment Information:

  • Addresses are issued based upon survey information.
  • Dependent upon the type of project, the address assignment may take anywhere from one day to two weeks.
  • Review Criteria:
    • Determination of how the particular lot fits in with the entire block sequence.
    • Formula: One address per 11 linear feet, or closest number of feet to 11 if insufficient footage available.
    • The site is field checked for any discrepancies.
    • Address assignment sent to Post Office and 911 Communications. 

City GIS
Departmment of Innovation and Performance 
604 City - County Building

414 Grant St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 255-2152
Fax: (412) 255-2431