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Increase digital literacy in underserved populations

Provide digital literacy for senior citizens and others at the city’s recreational and senior centers.

The City of Pittsburgh in partnership with Comcast equipped 22 city of Pittsburgh Community Recreation and Healthy Active Living Centers with Free Wi-Fi.
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Work with community groups and organizations to expand and provide literacy training throughout the city.

Rec2Tech Pittsburgh is an initiative of city-wide organizations that work in developing technology oriented educational programs for youth.
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Expand access to technology in early childhood development centers through the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.

In 2014, the city of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and community leaders committed to be part of the national My Brother’s Keeper initiative. The city with its My Brother's Keeper program in partnership with the Remake Learning professional network support educational opportunities for youth.
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Pilot digital library options to the public in community spaces.


Work with communities to expand internet access

Develop a plan based on the Digital Equity Study commissioned through Carnegie Mellon University. The study will include a spatial analysis and mapping of free wifi hotspots.

The city in partnership with Heinz College III, School of Public Policy & Management at Carnegie Mellon University through their systems capstone project program developed a spatial analysis and a mapping
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Establish and promote Welcoming Hubs at select CitiParks recreation centers as community hubs through the Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan.

Citiparks launched its first Welcoming Hub Pilot as part of the Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan.
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Increase public wireless internet accessibility in communities through public locations such as CitiParks and senior centers.

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Recreation (Citiparks) and the city of Pittsburgh Department Innovation & Performance in partnership with Comcast have installed free Wi-Fi in 22 City of Pittsburgh Centers.
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Provide options to check-out wireless hotspot stations from the library, providing options for communities who lack access to connectivity in the home.


Hire a Fellow to concentrate on increasing wireless access throughout the city’s neighborhoods.

The City of Pittsburgh has been working on initiatives to increase its wireless access for public use.
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Expand the municipal fiber network in partnership with anchor institutions, allowing increased internet connectivity for communities in need.



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Promote STEAM and Maker programming

Foster opportunities for coding education across all segments of the population.

The Steel city Codefest is a city-wide application building event that brings together coders, designers, and innovation enthusiasts to create applications
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Increase the number of youth acquiring digital badges in competencies relating to the local economy in partnership with the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.

Digital Badge Lab is a rewards program to incentivize youth between ages 13-24 to participate in educational training and acquire new skills and credentials in the areas of math and technology.
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Work with local Maker organizations to increase the presence and access of Maker spaces and after-school programming.

The Remake Learning Network is a network of makers and educators working to remake learning by connecting youth with maker opportunities across the city and region.

Explore possible partnerships with local maker organizations to offer Maker spaces and classes at CitiParks’ recreation centers in underserved communities.

Rec2Tech Pittsburgh piloted STEAM and Maker after school programming in five different City of Pittsburgh recreational centers.
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Connect underserved communities with Maker and STEAM programming through existing AmeriCorps program funding.

Maker Corps is a professional development program that combines online training with hands-on practice to create and provide maker education programming within youth-serving organizations.

Celebrate maker events throughout the city, such as Maker Faires and Maker Week.

October 15th - October 16th Pittsburgh celebrated it's second annual Maker Fair featuring 250+ makers and providing an invaluable opportunity for Pittsburgh to come together to learn and make.

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