Mayor Intro for RMII
Mayor of Pittsburgh

Inclusive Innovation provides equal access to products and services with new technologies, ideas, personnel and inventions to meet complex challenges and higher standards.

Dear Friends,

Pittsburgh has a long tradition of being a center for innovation, discovery and invention. From the aluminum can to the Salk Polio Vaccine, Pittsburgh’s institutions and residents have given back to our region, nation and the world time and again. In the past two decades, Pittsburgh has become a hotbed for healthcare, higher education, robotics and information technology. Pittsburgh has received national accolades, including most livable and smartest city, and we want to continue to thrive. Our City has always found pride in its accomplishments, and it is in this same spirit that we have challenged our City government to adapt and change in order to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Many of our nation’s cities have been working on technology plans which seek to address these same challenges. We find that looking to other cities for inspiration is paramount in ensuring we continue to challenge ourselves and improve upon our current framework. Too few cities directly address the goal of innovation through the lens of inclusivity. Our decision to be one of those cities will make the Pittsburgh Innovation Roadmap a tool that will not only better the City, but also its community.

Pittsburgh has always produced talent and ideas, and the Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation seeks build upon this tradition. We must work together with our local stakeholders to diversify our economy and workforce. It is our goal to lay out a vision for not only what the City's government can and will achieve, but to ensure that we provide these same opportunities to each of our residents through inclusive innovation.


William Peduto
Mayor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Debra Lam
Chief Innovation & Performance Officer