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Establish the Regional Data Resource Center

Distribute the data collected through the WPRDC including; crime, 311 questions, tax delinquency, and others.

Open Data provides a valuable service to the city, the region, and country, by providing data and turning it into comprehensible information for use by government leaders, civic groups, and entrepreneurs.
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Provide regional leadership by bringing new municipalities, nonprofits and local organizations into a community of practices within the WPRDC.


Work with local civic software programmers such as the Pittsburgh Code for America Brigade to engage community members with open data to build tools and visualizations that help everyone better understand our community.

Students for Urban Data Systems (SUDS) is a Carnegie Mellon University led student group working on engaging the Pittsburgh community into using open data to understand the city and the region where we live.
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Work with research universities to install modular “Neighborhood Nodes” (sensor boxes) to collect real-time data on the neighborhood’s air quality, human activity, noise, surface temperature, and weather.

This data can be used to identify the healthiest and unhealthiest areas of the city, help night-time pedestrians know the most populated routes, identify road temperatures for strategic street salting and more. Nodes could also be used as information conduits for university research projects to collect real-time health or other data from enrolled research subjects.


Employ Data Driven Operations

Embed service delivery goals within the budget process and analyze the results to improve the performance of City of Pittsburgh departments’ service delivery and operations.


Institute a public performance measurement dashboard displaying City of Pittsburgh progress in meeting departmental performance goals and indicators.

The city of Pittsburgh is committed to providing government transparency to the people by promoting open data and free access to city’s information.
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Improve asset management by instituting a preventive maintenance program for city buildings, signs, shelters and more before they are damaged beyond repair.

The Department of Public Works is currently doing an inventory of all city assets including: buildings, pools, guide rails, courts, sidewalks, signal lights, water features, component facility assets, roads among others.
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Create a traffic incident management process to review accident data and identify dangerous streets in order to provide solutions ensuring pedestrian, driver, and biker safety.

The “complete streets” focused on coordination between Public Works, Public Safety and City Planning, which utilize the city’s traffic management systems.


Increase awareness of public service announcements and other communications through 311

Increase awareness of public service announcements and other communications through 311.

The Pittsburgh 311 call center helps residents with non-emergency City of Pittsburgh concerns or questions.
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Provide Automatic Call Distribution by recording, monitoring, and transferring calls in order to improve customer service and increase resilience in operations.

What we are doing?

311 call center now offers the option to listen to a recorded messages that informs the public about queueing time and its next available agent.

Expand cooperation with other local service call centers like 311 and other city authorities.

311 call center cooperates with other service call centers like 211 in order to better serve the public and direct them to the right resources.
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Host a 311 Knowledge Base on the city website that includes information on city laws, permitting and other general service information.

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Implement a city-branded application and website that allows users to create and track service requests, with personalized accounts for a customizable experience.

myBurgh is a new city application that will enable easy access to connect 311 via phone or a mobile application.
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Publish 311 stats to account for city performance.

In an effort to bring government to the people and promote transparency the City of Pittsburgh is currently holding city statistics and performance meetings...
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