Benefits & Criteria

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Application Criteria


Minimum Criteria

  • Applicants must commit to participate for the full length of program.
  • Must be a startup defined as:
    • The company must be a legally registered company.
    • The company must be headquartered in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh-based preferred).
    • The company must have a working beta-stage, pilot-ready product/service ready to be tested at the City and/or participant organizations.


  • The PGH Lab Rules & Regulations will go into effect on a startup if invited to participate in the program.
  • Read and Acknowledge PGH Lab Rules and Regulations.


PGH Lab review committee will base the selection process according to the following:

  • Met Minimum Criteria required.
  • Innovation:
    • Does the product already exist?
    • To what extent is the product innovative?
    • How does it fit with the needs of the City of Pittsburgh and participant organizations?
  • Impact:
    • Would the beta-stage product or service lead to short-term or long-term outcomes that will benefit the city and its residents?
  • Feasibility:
    • Can the product be realistically implemented in city government given the current resources and capabilities?
    • What kinds of actions will it require the City or the Participant Organizations to accomplish to make the pilot program successful?