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PGH Lab connects local startup companies with the City of Pittsburgh and local authorities to test new products and services in a real world environment for three to four months. In the program, startups are encouraged to test, gain valuable market feedback, and iterate. In turn, the program gives local government the opportunity to explore new ways to use technology and services to make government more efficient, transparent, sustainable, and inclusive.

Areas Of Interest

Startup companies are invited to implement innovative solutions to civic challenges in the following topics:

Citizen Engagement

Improve and increase citizen engagement capabilities in local government to ensure all of Pittsburgh’s residents can easily access important information and resources. Propose solutions that can enhance the lines of communication between local government, non-profits, and citizens. Artists, graphic designers, and photographers are encouraged to submit citizen engagement solutions.

Improve Operations

Improve local government operations to make internal processes more efficient and effective. Solutions in the following sub areas of interests are highly encouraged:
  • Process improvement: Help the city reduce the time it takes to coordinate projects and eliminate workplace waste.
  • Smart Cities: Help Pittsburgh become a ‘smart city’ by exploring newer and smarter technologies as well as data to ignite economic development, enhance people’s quality of life, and improve accessibility, especially for people with disabilities working and living in the city.

Climate Change & the Environment

Climate and environmental change is a pressing issue for all cities. Modern cities already monitor air quality, energy use, waste, and stormwater management, but we must do more. Help Pittsburgh become a leader in sustainability and resiliency. Solutions in sustainability, food waste management, and circular economy or reuse/creating new products out of waste and recycling streams are highly encouraged.

Open Call

Suggest a pilot project that does not fall under any of the previous categories but will benefit and make a great impact in the City of Pittsburgh and the participating organizations.

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