PGH Lab: Innovate | Test | Scale

What is PGH Lab?

PGH Lab is...

a 6-month partnership program that connects local startups with local government

PGH Lab provides...

the opportunity for businesses to pilot products and services, gain feedback, and network

PGH Lab innovates...

local government through new technologies and services to be more efficient, transparent, sustainable, and inclusive

Who Should Apply?

We are particularly interested in businesses that are ready to pilot a product or service that will help the City of Pittsburgh address the following priority areas:

Process Improvement and Optimization

Streamline city services to make them simpler, faster, and less costly.

Sustainability and Environment

Help the city reduce pollution, improve resident access to resources, and integrate environmental considerations into decision making.

Equity and Inclusion

Assurance of equitable access to all city services and opportunities.

Health and Safety

Help the city address new and long-standing health, safety, and justice issues that impact its residents.

PGH Rocket Launch graphic with startup stages..

PGH Lab is an early stage incubator-like program that helps progress startups to the growth stage of their life cycle.

Apply Here for PGH Lab 9.0

Apply Now

Applications close 5pm, November 17th

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Participating Authorities

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority is written in black font beneath a green and blue logo that’s written as PGH2O with the 2 being inside a water droplet.
A seal of the City of Pittsburgh. On the outer perimeter and top half of the seal is “THE SEAL OF THE CITY OF PITTSBURGH” in black font and all caps. Similarly, below is “1816” and “BENIGNO NUMINE”. The outer ring of the seal is yellow and the inner part is white. The inner ring has a black shield framed in yellow with three birds in a triangular pattern and a blue and white checkerboard stripe running through the middle. Immediately above this is an old looking black and white stone fort.
In lowercase bold blue font URA is written atop Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh.
A blue logo outlined in orange that appears to be an “h” appears to the write of “Housing Authority” in blue and “City of Pittsburgh” in orange immediately below.
 Three squares alternating blue and red appear on the left of “Pittsburgh PARKING Authority” in a black bold font.
Pittsburgh International Airport